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Barbara Volkmann


I am the Assistant Manager at Tampa Bay Home Realty, as well as a Realtor.
I assist in the day to day operations in our rapidly expanding office.

I became a Real Estate Investor in 1985, and have always enjoyed finding the "diamonds in the rough"to fix up
and either flip or keep as a rental property. When I first got my Real Estate License in 1999, I focused primarily
on working with banks to handle their Foreclosure Portfolios in the Gainesville, FL area.I worked with a
handful of local investors and I quickly became their go-to Realtor to help them find properties
to maximize their investment dollars.I still enjoy working with investors, as well as other
home buyers. Even if a property is not being purchased as an investment, I feel that any home
is everyone's primary investment.

I will work hard to make sure that any home purchase is a good move for my clients.

Contact Info:

Give me a call for all your

Real Estate needs!

(727) 656-5103

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